Was English the language of survival or…? In the constitutional book, it is stated that all languages are equal but practically they are not. The struggle of the black community continues, yes free education was granted but what about the good education. The system still favors the white in the community. We look at the struggles that children in black schools face. Challenges like the struggle of speaking proper English, remember a black child needs to learn English before they could even understand what they are being taught, but for a white child, it is their mother tongue.

We look at the passing rate in black schools and where they end up. The rates of dropping outs and teenage pregnancy. The government doesn’t care about their struggle the exam papers are even set on the same standard. English is the language for the future a language for opportunities. How about we do the same thing with our indigenous languages can be our medium of instruction. Normalize being proud of who we are. This isn’t only affecting the education system, but everything viewed as white seems super and pure. Black children are trying to look like white people using creams and wearing wigs.

They were told that they DON’T look good enough to be successful we can call it “the looks for success or looks for millionaires “. We also look at the crisis that recently happened at clicks in South Africa describing the black hair community as damaged hair. Can we blame them for saying that? We hide our hair and people only hide things if they are not proper. Let normalize teaching our black kids to love themselves, which art is better than God’s art? Blacks are even comfortable working hard labor but whites are still the owners.

They promised to fix things, did they? The land is still owned by white people. The land that is owned by them wasn’t theirs, but they didn’t take it back to their owners since well they are fixing things. The resources that they take from our lands like gold, diamond, platinum, and coal don’t we deserve a share? But all we get it’s hard labor because they believe a black child is not intelligent enough to come up with a business concept. Meals in fancy restaurants are all inspired by the white community.

They associate black meals with unhealthy food. Blacks are associated with illegal activities like weed, prostitution, alcohol, and stealing. Blacks were told that they were good enough for that. What does it tell us about a black child? Are we not good enough? Now it is time whereby a black child starts to fight for what is good for them. It is time for black communities to rise. We can be different outside but inside we are all the same It’s not like black people have a black skeleton. We have the same brain and heart. It is time for a system to change we need a real change.

Story by:

Marks Kgole

Facebook: Marks Kgole


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