Beloved South Africans, we are extremely glad to meet you for the first time. We welcome to this website and we hope you’ll have a good time with us. “How to make money online in South Africa with SA Citizens.” That what we are going to breakdown in this article. If you want to make real money, I’m talking about ‘Getting paid straight to your bank account” type of money. Please read this article till the end thereafter you’ll decide if you want to move on with your life or you want to take action towards expanding your streams of income.

Before we get into spicy stuff let’s tell you the purpose of SA Citizens. Our purpose is to promote talent in South Africa through videos and podcasts and also bring oneness to the rainbownation by citizens sharing their personal experience stories under certain topics that are suggested by other citizens, and those who are willing to share their stories via voice recording or vlog will stand a chance to win R200. HOW? Ok, those who share their stories, their stories will be featured on the “10 Different Stories” weekly video series on our YouTube channel and there will be a link in the description on that video that will redirect a citizen or viewer to the voting page on our website to vote for their favorite story, and that is where they will vote as much as they can for free. After 7 Days the story with the highest votes wins R200 and it will be paid straight to their bank account, simple as that.

So how can you make money with this website even if you are not willing to be in front of the camera or voice record yourself to share stories? First, you can make money by suggesting topics for citizens to share their personal experience stories under, by sending the topic that you suggest on WhatsApp to 060 516 9468, your name plus your social media handles. If we pick your topic it will be the next topic of the “10 Different stories’’ video series and then you will be rewarded with up to R50 of airtime. The other easy way you can make money with our website is that you can stand yourself a chance to win up to R500 in cash in weekly cash prizes is by participating in the community by adding new members to our Facebook group, voting, sharing, and subscribing to our YouTube channel of course.

You can also make money on our website by sharing your dancing videos and as mentioned earlier “by sharing stories” you can visit our website to know more, on the FAQs page. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel right now. Please let’s grow this platform together, you can participate by liking our Facebook Page, join the Facebook group, and share your stories via WhatsApp. The first topics for “10 Different Stories” will be announced on our website on the 13th of July 2020, the first topic to have 10 stories or more before the 25th of July 2020 will be the first of the video series. By mid-August, we are planning to add a “Get Paid To Watch YouTube Videos” option, where you will get paid to simply watch YouTube videos. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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