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My Experience With Fake Prophets

… It has been alleged that he (the prophet) plants some of his disciples in the midst of the congregants so that they may either start the conversation with individual congregants or simply listen and record the conversations, then later they would take all the information they have collected to the “prophet”.

The prophet would, in turn, use that information that was collected by his disciples and …read more…

Dangers Of WhatsApp Stokvels

…now, what usually happen was this. firstly, the Admins will go silent in the group, after they got paid. We would have the patience that perhaps they are busy fixing something and all that. But they will be quiet for 3 days. The anxiety will start among us and start inboxing the admins to find out what is going. But there would not be an Answer. In fact, they will…read more…

How To Overcome Suicide And Depression

unhappy, man, mask

…How To Overcome Suicide

Slowing your breathing helps slow your heart rate and supplies more oxygen to your brain, while also shifting your attention away from whatever thoughts you’re having.

Take a few deep inhales and exhales to regain control of your breath – four seconds in, hold for four, four seconds out, hold for four, repeat…read more…

Social Media Effects (Positive And Negative)

…you would be shocked by how many people miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a moment, by wanting to get the perfect picture to post. Relationships are getting more and more demolished due to the standards that social media puts families, friends, and sexual partners; people do not talk to each other anymore they rather …read more…


…earn $3 per person you invite to make money on this website if they join using your referral link, and they sign up for the Elite Citizen Plan. And the number of people you can invite is unlimited, and we also have bonuses for a certain number of referrals you will acquire within…read more…


…Mama told me be happy

I love you as you are

But the world, the place they say is my future throw stones at me,

Harsh words have turned to greeting for me,

I’m famous to all by being the demonic child that need Jesus,

Forget about the boys who say raping me will turn me straight.

I don’t need a diary to speak of my pain…read more…

Dangers Of WhatsApp Stokvels (Part 2)

…paid the joining fee of R200 and had to recruit two people – which I did – in order to receive the R1 000. But I never received my money. I kept silent about not receiving my R1 000 payment because screenshots of proof of payments were being shared in the…read more…

Make R56 400 Per Month On SA Citizens.com

…In this article, you will learn how you can make R56 400 or more per month on this website which you are reading this article on. Well, there are 5 ways you can make money on this website.

The first option is the…read more…


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