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There are 5 ways you can make money with us

Suggest Topics, and you can make…

The first easiest way to make money on our website is by suggesting topics for writers to write about, if you suggest a topic and its approved, it will be listed on the topics page and you will be rewarded.

The second and the third way is by writing stories and articles if you are an Elite Citizen member. You will be rewarded with up to $12 if your story or article is approved.

The fourth way is by sharing poems if you are an Elite Citizen member. You will be rewarded with up to $6 if your poem is approved.


The fifth and awesome way you can make more than R55 000 in one month with us is with the referral program we have. We pay you $3(R50) per person you bring to the website and they sign up for the Elite Citizen Plan. See the earnings table here.

Join other citizens who are sharing their stories under various topics and get rewarded for doing so. Share stories that inspire, teach, motivate and informing

If you have a series of different stories please

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